Work based learning

This working group will develop the framework and approach for how the Institute supports work-based learning, including planning for the transfer of trainees and apprenticeships currently supported by Industry Training Organisations.

Board representative: Dr Linda Sissons

Facilitator: Fiona Kingsford (Competenz)

Establishment Unit Principal Advisor: Paul Fenton

Members: Alan Cadwallader (OPNZ); Andrew McSweeney (Service IQ); Craig Pomare (MTA); Heather Grady (OTNZ); Heather Stonyer (Unitec); Jen Trow (UCOL); Regan Cotter (NZACE); Sue Hope (Xero); Todd Maddock (Skills Active); Warwick Quinn (BCITO)

What we've done

We generated questions to help define our scope and shared resources to inform the design of future sessions. We've shared examples of current practice, models and principles to look at current and future states of work-based learning.

At the last meeting we identified four personas of typical current or prospective workbased learners:

  • school leavers who transition direct into work
  • apprentices
  • trainees
  • employees who want to upskill

We've thought through the system's current barriers and enablers for each of  these.

What we're working on this month

We're working on recommendations about what needs to change in order to greatly increase both the amount of work-based learning that goes on and also the number of employers involved in supporting work-based learning.

Coming up

An early draft of our recommendations and thinking will be presented to the Establishment Board on 10 December.