2.1 Learner journey

This will enable the new Institute to ensure quality provision which focuses on learners. Only after understanding the learner journey can we design systems and processes which support learners in all their diversity.

Board representative: Dr Sandra Grey

Facilitator: Debbie Preston (Wintec)

Establishment Unit Principal Advisor: Vikki Roadley

Members: Ali Hughes (TANZ); Annette Pitovao (Unitec); Cathy Puanaki (Primary ITO); Faelan Sorenson (Student); Jill Jones (TEU); Dr Michelle Glogau (PICA); Patrick Jones (EIT); Peseta Sam Lotu-liga (MIT); Poihaere Whare (Student); Dr Tepora Emery (TIASA)

What we've done

We had our first workshop on 24 October and developed guiding principles for working together on the co-design process. We shared a range of learner journeys which informed some early mapping work. We identified the interdependencies of this workstream with the other groups, and resolved to share further information with them following each session.

We collected learner journeys across a range of learners to further understand: common barriers and enablers, the human needs behind these, possible frameworks and considerations that could support the underlying needs, and possible design principles.

An early draft of our recommendations and thinking was presented to the Establishment Board on 10 December, with a 'strawman' submitted just before Christmas.

What we're working on this month

The strawman report including our recommendations has been shared with the IST Establishment Board for feedback, testing and validation. Once feedback is received we will further refine our recommendations.

Coming up

We'll take into account all the feedback received and finalise our recommendations for the new Council.