online delivery

This working group will review current online capabilities, compile business requirements to support online delivery for a national institute, and recommend a strategy for determining future capability.

Board representative: Brett O'Riley

Facilitator: Phil Ker (Otago Polytechnic)

Establishment Unit Principal Advisor: Helen Kilber

Members: Dr Flora Gilkison (HITO); Irihāpeti Mahuika (Haeta Community Campus); Jon Smith (NorthTec); Pamela Simpson (TANZ/Campus); Paul Fallon (Whitireia and WelTec); Peter Fletcher-Dobson (BCITO); Dr Ruth Crawford (WITT); Sandra Hutton (Learning Skills); Shanan Holm (OPNZ); Sue Joyce (Wintec)

What we've done

We've broadened our scope from online delivery to 'technology-enabled engagement with learning processes' and generated a first round of associated 'big ideas'. We've sought feedback from our respective networks on our draft scope and purpose.

What we're working on this month

We're making sure we stay connected to the Learner Journey input so we don't lose sight of who we're solving for. We're figuring out how to get vendor-neutral expert input on questions such as 'make vs buy' and 'proprietry vs open-source software'. We're being careful to stay focused on the future needs of the new national institute and step out of institutional silos.

Coming up

An early draft of our recommendations and thinking will be presented to the Establishment Board on 10 December.