2.7 International education

Board representative: Brett O'Riley

Facilitator: Michelle Jordan (Venture Taranaki)

Establishment Unit Principal Advisor: Kate West

Members: Arthur Chin (UCOL); Carl Rankin (Skills Org); Chami Abeysinghe (SIT); David Glover (Unitec); Hymie Latif (Otago Polytechnic); Jason Matangi (Wintec); John Snook (WITT); Philippa Jones (EIT); Tony Gray (Ara); Will Tregidga (NMIT) 

What we've done

We met on 25 October and identified priority areas of work for the transition period through to December 2022. We committed to ensuring continuity and a smooth transition for international students over the next few years. 

We've gathered evidence and data, and working with Education NZ, TEC, NZQA, and the Ministry of Education, ensured our data is up-to-date, robust, and relevant. We also identified data gaps that could be important focus areas for the new institute's council post-April.

What we're working on this month

The strawman report including our recommendations has been shared with the IST Establishment Board for feedback, testing and validation. Once feedback is received we will further refine our recommendations.

Coming up

We'll take into account all the feedback received and finalise our recommendations for the new Council.