2.3 Education products and services

Board representative: Brett O'Riley

Facilitator: Phil Ker (Otago Polytechnic)

Establishment Unit Principal Advisor: Helen Kilber

Members: Adrienne Dawson (BCITO); Amanda Knowles (SIT); Andrea Leslie (Primary ITO); Ariana Te Whetu (Tokona te Raki); Dr Caroline Seelig (OPNZ); Gill Genet (Careerforce); Gus Gilmore (MIT); Hilary Scott-Ker (City & Guilds); Mark Marshall (Ara); Nathan Laurie (Otago Polytechnic)

What we've done

We generated an outline of what success looks like for this workstream and drafted a learner-centred map of national institute products and services and associated enabling capabilities. Next we identified our initial 'big ideas' and a first cut of our strategic priorities. There's always been a positive, forward-looking spirit in the group.

Our learner-centred map is an anchoring framework so we've spend some time getting feedback on this. We also developed a shared terminology to bridge the understanding between ITPs and ITOs.

What we're working on this month

The strawman report including our recommendations has been shared with the IST Establishment Board for feedback, testing and validation. Once feedback is received we will further refine our recommendations.

Coming up

We'll take into account all the feedback received and finalise our recommendations for the new Council.