1.5 Mobilising the new world

This action is led by Brett O’Riley, Dr Linda Sissons, and Dr Sandra Grey.

What's been done

We called for expressions of interest to participate in this workstream from across the sector. We received over 500 nominations and offered 76 people the opportunity to participate in seven working groups, each. A priority was ensuring that groups comprised diverse sector experts to help us get this right.

In early October we met with the facilitators and principal advisors supporting this workstream to discuss the principles of co-design and what a collaborative approach looked like in advance of them getting their groups together and commencing this work.

All groups have met five times and submitted a 'strawman' of their recommendations for the IST Establishment Board to review and provide feedback on.

Information on the members and focus of each group can be found here.

What we're working on this month

Principal advisors are supporting the facilitators of each group with the relationships, tools, and infrastructure to enable a collaborative approach. Groups are awaiting feedback on their respective 'strawmen' from the IST Establishment Board and they will then continue to further refine their recommendations. Activities will be prioritised and early wins identified.

Recommendations will be further refined for consideration by the IST Establishment Board.

Coming up

April 2020

Decisions will be carried forward to the Council of the new national Institute.