1.1 Establishment plan2

This action is led by Barry Jordan with Board support from Kim Ngārimu. 

What's been done

We've set up the Our Progress section on our website to keep you updated on progress across the whole implementation plan.

What we're working on this month

We're working on a draft plan for workstreams that will continue after the new Institute comes into being on 1 April, as well as how best to ensure that student and staff representation is included in the new Council.

We'll be making recommendations to the Minister of Education on the make-up of the Council, including consideration of Establishment Board members, new members and staff and student representation.

We'll continue to keep you updated with workstream progress through the Foundation and Future sections of the website. You can also get regular updates on the whole Reform of Vocational Education programme by signing up to the RoVE newsletter(external link).

Council members will be confirmed and a handover report will be prepared.

Coming up

April 2020

The final Establishment Board meeting will take place. Governance of the new national institute will be fully handed over.