1.4 Day one operations

This action is led by Barry Jordan.

What's been done

The Establishment Unit has been stood up and the Board has met to understand the requirements necessary to have the national institute ready for its 1 April 2020 start. A reporting framework has been established to ensure alignment with the overall Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) programme, and that the RoVE Programme Board and Minister of Education are well informed of progress.

We ran an open, fair, and transparent bid process for the headquarters of the new Institute on the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS)(external link) w which  . .(external link). The process closed on 15 January.

What we're working on this month

There was a good response to the bid process and we're now working with shortlisted regions in the next phase of the process. We won't be making any further comment during the selection process and expect to provide the next update in March.

Requirements for technology, finance functions, human resources and administration support are being scoped to ensure that the new Institute is materially ready with a lean team in place for a 1 April 2020 start.

Coming up

March 2020

As new staff are confirmed for the national Institute, they may begin on flexible contracts to help ensure that the transition to Day One is a smooth process.

The intent of the proposed legislation is for existing ITP employment agreements to transfer seamlessly and unchanged to their respective subsidiaries on 1 April 2020.