1.2 CE selection

This action is led by Maryann Geddes with Board support from Barry Jordan and Kim Ngārimu for interviews.

What's been done

Executive search agency Sheffield was appointed to lead the recruitment process. Job specification and related documents were developed, the role was advertised and applications closed on 3 November. More than 70 applications were received and a shortlist progressed through the selection process.

We've received remuneration advice from the State Services Commission and Strategic Pay, and developed a draft IEA.

Initial interviews took place on 21 and 22 November, involving the selection panel, the whole board, and a stakeholder group at different stages. Additional interviews took place in mid-December and mid-January.

What we're working on this month

We're continuing to work through the selection process. Discussions are ongoing with the State Services Commission and Ministry of Education regarding the final terms of employment and remuneration.

We will announce an appointment as soon as we are able to.

Coming up

February 2020

Following the conclusion of the CE recruitment process, roles that report directly to the chief executive (Tier 2 roles) will be determined and advertised.

Tier 2 candidates will be interviewed and confirmed. The workstream will support the CE Designate with the Tier 2 process.

March 2020

Pending the availability of the CE designate, an induction and handover will begin with the Establishment Unit Executive Director. Until the location for the headquarters of the new national Institute is determined, the initial office of the CE is expected to be in Christchurch.