The ten workstreams below outline the work underway for the new national institute to be ready to receive 16 subsidiary organisations on 1 April 2020 and prepare to enter the transition phase.

workplanEstablishment implementation plan

The 'Our Progress' web section is here to keep you updated

CEChief executive selection

We're making good progress through the selection process.


Transitioning ITPs to subsidiaries

We're gathering the list of requirements to ensure seamless switchover on 1 April 2020

 Day One

Day One operational requirements

We've launched a bid process for regions to register their interest in housing the headquarters for the IST


Mobilising the new world

We've got seven teams of diverse stakeholders helping us create some recommendations

Name and brand

A request for quotation has gone out to selected suppliers from an all of government panel


Stakeholder engagement model

We are finalising a model to ensure we engage productively with all sectors and that we have open channels of communication with stakeholders


Board and subsidiary governance model

Expressions of interest for subsidiary boards are now open


Capital asset strategy

We're completing a stocktake of what we have, what we need, and when we'll need it

 business case

Implementation business case

We're reviewing the relevant components to agree on a structure for the business case