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More than 75 people have been involved with seven working groups looking at the skills and capabilities the Institute will need in order to create the new world of learning. This work will provide an essential resource for the incoming Council of the new national Institute.

In the coming weeks we’ll meet a cross-section of those involved, hearing about their reflections on the journey to date.

(Please note that these views represent the individual, and not the working group they participated in, the IST Establishment Unit, their organisation or the wider vocational education and training sector.)

Poihaere Whare, Student Advocate/Former President at Student Association of Wintec (SAWIT)

Working group: Learner Journey Mapping

1. What is your role and how do you participate in the vocational education and training sector?

I am the former President of the Student Association of Wintec (SAWIT), a role I have held since 2016. I have recently finished my tohu of nursing in July 2019 and have currently started a position as a mental health nurse at the Waikato District Health Board. I have been a part of SAWIT, WINTEC, & New Zealand Union of Student Association's (NZUSA) since I started my role as a student advocate.

2. What’s a little-known fact / something you wish people knew about your organisation?

A known fact about Student Associations especially within the Institute of Technology & Polytechnic (ITP) sector is we are a student led organisation with little to no resources but where students come first.

3. Tell us about someone who positively influenced own vocational learner journey and what was it that most impacted you?

This is a hard question for me to answer because there are so many people that have impacted me in this space.

4. What made you want to participate in a ‘Mobilising the New World’ working group?

I wanted to participate in mobilising the new world because I have always been very passionate about learners and tutors’ voices being heard and ensure that we sit at every table where the outcome will impact on us as learners & staff. I was also encouraged by the National President of NZUSA if I would be interested in putting my name forward. I have also had the privilege of being a part of other national working groups over the years.

5. What have you valued the most from being part of the Learner Journey Mapping group?

The most valuable part of being a member of this group for me is knowing that learners and tutors are participating; and given the opportunity in mobilising the new world. We feel we are finally being heard and that what we say matters in some areas.  

6. How have your skills and experience complemented others in the group?

The skills and experience I bring to this group I think is sharing my own learner journey but also the learners that have shared their experience with me. For me, being an advocate helps me represent learners of the past and the present; to help better prepare for the learners of the future.

7. What has excited or encouraged you about the process?

Hearing learners’ stories from across New Zealand, sharing their experiences and knowing/hoping that it is not falling a deaf ears.

8. What has been challenging about the process?

For me, some challenging issues with the process was hearing learners faced some barriers that impacted on their learner journey e.g. like hearing about a learner in a wheel chair who said that getting in the building was a barrier. It was very emotional to hear some of the struggles that learners shared.

9. What has been the most interesting or surprising part of the process?

Surprisingly how close our group has become over the small time we have been together. For me I knew very little about the ITO sector and I am finding it very interesting.

10. What are you most proud of that your group has produced so far for the incoming Council to consider?

I’m proud of how much we have covered in the small amount of time we have been together. I also like the process that the information was collected, and how having Debbie (Preston) and Vikki (Roadley) with their knowledge/experience helped the whole process.

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