1.6 Name and brand

Today we commence a series of Regional Kōrero as part of our regular visits to learning providers and regions to share updates, answer questions, and listen.

One of the key updates during these kōrero will focus on the Name and Brand(external link) workstream. To support the conversation we will be sharing a video that captures the essence of the journey to date. It outlines a vision for the new national Institute and identifies a preferred name.

The naming of the new national Institute is a Ministerial decision. In his Letter of Expectation(external link), the Minister asked the Board to make a recommendation on a name for the new Institute, following thorough stakeholder engagement.

He has requested that this take place in person as much as possible prior to broader public engagement online, which will open at the conclusion of our visits on 14 February.

It is important to remember that a preference is not a decision or a recommendation. Before making its recommendation to the Minister, the Board wants to know what people think.

Discussions will start from tomorrow, and the capturing of preferences will be done online from 14 February to 8 March. We will provide you with more information on that closer to the time.

At the conclusion of the online public consultation on 8 March, the IST Establishment Board will consider public feedback on their preferred name and finalise their recommendation to Minister Hipkins.

The video is now available on the homepage of our website(external link) for everyone to view. I look forward to sharing further stories and insights from our Regional Kōrero as our visits progress.

Ngā mihi mahana,

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