Murray Strong was appointed Executive Director on 19 August to lead the set-up of the NZIST, prior to the appointment of its Chief Executive and to identify and develop the streams of work the IST itself will need to enact. 

Murray Strong bioMurray Strong

Murray Strong has held a variety of Crown appointed senior roles over the last 15 years, including Crown Commissioner, and has worked in governance and senior management roles across the education, aviation, professional services, tourism and sport sectors.

He currently holds governance and advisory roles in the infrastructure sector, Chairs the Centre of Digital Excellence, is Commissioner at Unitec Institute of Technology (Unitec) and the Crown Manager at Tai Toutini Polytechnic (TPP). He is currently taking a leave of absence from the Chair of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority NZQA to focus in this assignment. He will be returning to NZQA on 01 April 2020. Murray is an independent Chair and professional director, and a member of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand.